4x5 for 365 project (343/365)

The Freyberger one-room schoolhouse was built by Jacob Stein for $300 in the 1830's, though some reports list its build date as circa 1870. It was originally called both the Center School and the Stein School. Classes ceased at the school in 1955 when school district consolidation took over in Pennsylvania. The school was moved to the Kutztown University campus on October 30th-31st 1991 and is now part of the Pennsylvania German Cultural Center which includes examples of a German Bank Barn, Farm House, Cabins and this one room brick schoolhouse.  The original location of the school was on Klinesville Road in Greenwich township about 3 1/2 miles from its present location. It was gifted to the college by Archie Follweiler Jr. of Kutztown. Kutztown University Alumnus and retired school teacher Dr. Ruth Freyberger paid for the move, renovations and maintenance of the schoolhouse as a tribute to her Sister Grace Arline Freyberger, also a Kutztown University graduate and a retired schoolteacher who attended a one-room schoolhouse in her youth. Present day school children sometimes take field trips to the school to learn about what it was like to be educated in one during the 1800s/early 1900s.

Technical details:
Calumet 45NX 4x5 large format monorail film camera.
Fujinon-W 210 F5.6 lens in a Copal B shutter.
Circular polarizing filter on lens.  
Kodak Ektar 100 color negative film shot at ISO 100.
1/15th second at F22.
Developed using Unicolor C-41 color developing kit and Beseler 8x10 color print drum placed on Unicolor Uniroller 352 auto-reversing rotary base.   
4x5" negative scanned with Epson V600.