4x5 for 365 project (79/365)

Today's 4x5 for 365 project entry continues on with shots of items from my vintage analog photography collection.  This is my Minolta SR-T 202 35mm film camera.  These were made around 1975.  It features all manual exposure with a TTL option if you have the battery for it.  It has a fully mechanical cloth focal plane shutter with speeds from 1-1/1000 sec plus bulb mode for long exposures.  The shutter makes this amazing "PLACK !!!" sound that is very metallic and satisfying in a tactile kind of way.  There is a self timer mode as well.  The camera can flash X-sync up to 1/60th of a second and has a built in pc-sync port as well as a standard hot shoe.  This particular SR-T 202 came with a Rokkor 50mm F1.7 lens which was the standard lens that usually came with this model and also a Minolta 70-210 F4 telephoto lens.

Camera: Calumet 45NX 4x5 large format monorail view camera. 

Lens: Rodenstock Geronar 150mm F6.3 lens in a Copal 0 shutter.  

Film: Fuji Super HR-T 30 medium speed green sensitive X-Ray film.  Purchased as 8x10" sheets and cut down to 4x5".  Film rated at 100 ISO.  

Exposure: 1/60th @ F32. 

Lighting: Subject placed in light tent and lit from above with one Alien Bees B800 studio strobe in a 22" white lined beauty dish with diffusion sock @ full power. Strobe triggered with PocketWizard Plus II radio triggers. 

Development: Self Developed film in Rodinal (Adox Adinol) 1:100 in three reel Paterson Universal Tank using Mod54 six sheet 4x5 insert.  7 1/2 minutes @ 20 degrees Celsius with minimal inversions. Kodak indicator stop bath. Ilford Rapid Fixer. Photo-Flo. Hung to dry. 

Scanning: Negative scanned with Epson V600 in two scans and merged back together in PhotoShop since the V600 doesn't natively support 4x5 scans in one pass.