4x5 for 365 project (166/365)

Located along the heavily traveled and outlet store lined Route 30 corridor in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, the Willow Hill Covered Bridge is one of Lancaster's more unique bridges.  It was constructed in 1962 by Roy Zimmerman who used parts from two former covered bridges including Miller's Farm Covered Bridge (originally built in 1871) and Good's Fording Covered Bridge (originally built in 1855).  The bridge spans Miller's Run, a tributary of Mill Creek with a length of 93 feet utilizing a Burr arch truss design with the addition of steel hanger rods.  The parking lot of the America Music Theater provides ample parking for those wishing to visit the bridge.

Technical details:
Sakai Toyo 5x7 large format metal field camera with 4x5 film back.
90mm F5.6 Schneider Super-Angulon lens.  Yellow-Green filter on lens.
Ilford FP4+ B&W Negative Film, shot at ISO 125.
1/2 second at F45.
Semi-stand development in Rodinal/Adox Adonal 1:100 dilution for 15 minutes in Mod54 daylight tank.
Negative scanned with Epson V600.

There was a lot of unanticipated wind in Lancaster on Saturday which caused a lot of leaf movement in many of my shots but that comes with the territory in this part of Pennsylvania.