4x5 for 365 project (159/365)

One of the several houses left in Wallpack Center, New Jersey. It would make a good advertisement for Sherwin-Williams Paints.

Technical details:
Busch Pressman Model D 4x5 LF press camera.
Graflex Optar 135mm F4.7 lens in a Graphex shutter.
Wratten 8 (yellow) filter on lens using a Kodak series VI slip-on filter adapter.  
Kodak Ektascan BR/A single-sided X-Ray film.
Exposure was 1/15 second @ F32.
Semi-stand development in Rodinal (Adox Adonal) 1:100 for 15 minutes in Mod54 daylight tank.
Negative scanned with Epson V600.