4x5 for 365 project (259/365)

The Kerst-Bertolet Mill in Oley, Berks County, Pennsylvania.  The earliest mill built on this land was built by Johann Heinrich Kersten in 1725. Kersten shortened his name to Kerst as many immigrants did to make for easier pronunciation. The current mill was built in 1841, a 40'x 55' limestone mill standing 3.5 stories and covered with stucco.  The head race is fed from Manatawny Creek and the tail race empties into the pond.

Technical details:
Sakai Toyo 5x7 large format metal field camera with 4x5 film back.
150mm Caltar-S II F 5.6 lens in Copal BT shutter.
Yellow-Green filter on lens to help with contrast and to lighten the foliage a bit.
Ilford Delta 100 B&W Negative Film, shot at ISO 100.
1/8th second at F45.
Developed in Rodinal/Adox Adonal 1:50 dilution for 13 minutes @ 20 degrees Celsius in Mod54 daylight developing tank.  
Negative scanned with Epson V600.