4x5 for 365 project (189/365)

Part of the grounds of the Reading Museum Arboretum.  It was very windy and I knew the chance of getting a sharp shot with the camera out in the open was low due to vibrations so I decided it was a good time to try out a series VI Tiffen diffusion filter that I had recently picked up.  When nature gives you wind it's sometimes best to accept it and spend some time exploring the softer side of Pictorialism.

Technical details:
Busch Pressman Model D 4x5 large format press camera.
Graflex Optar 135mm F4.7 lens in a Graphex shutter.
Series VI Tiffen diffusion filter on lens using a Kodak series VI slip-on filter adapter.  
Kodak Ektascan BR/A single-sided X-Ray film shot at ISO 50.
1 second @ F32.
Semi-stand development in Rodinal/Adox Adonal 1:100 dilution for 15 minutes in Mod54 daylight developing tank.  
Negative scanned with Epson V600.  Slightly warm toned in post.