Day 17 of 365 - "Toys. When you're not looking" project

"The best part of waking up..."  

Shot with the Nikon D7000 and Nikon 35mm F1.8 AFS prime lens.  Manual exposure mode, F16, 1/50th second shutter speed, ISO 400, spot metering.  

Main Light:

Yongnuo YN560 II in a 34" Westcott white satin shoot through umbrella on a light stand at 45 degree angle to camera right.  I used a Rogue gobo card to flag the light on the bottom side of the flash to control spill onto the table from the umbrella.  Flash was in manual mode @ 1/16th power with the head zoomed to 24mm. 

Rim Light:

To Provide some rim light on the Folgers jar I used a Nikon SB900 speedlight in manual mode @ 1/128th power with the flash head zoomed to 50mm inside a Rogue Large Flashbender with the diffusion panel and the Flashbender bent into a "U" configuration.  That flash was mounted in the plastic foot stand that comes with the flash and sitting on the table on the left and about two feet behind the jar.  

Flashes triggered via PocketWizard Plus II radio triggers on flashes and camera.   Camera tripod mounted and shutter triggered with Nikon infrared remote.  

In 2013, I'm doing a 365 shot a day project with the theme "Toys. When you're not looking". The idea is to capture familiar toys dealing with the situations and challenges that life throws at them in the real world, just like a human would.  You can follow the progress of the project on