Sheep shack baby !

(Apologies to the B52's).  The Bromley Mill, located on the Cuttalossa Creek in Solebury Township, Bucks County Pennsylvania raises baby Doll Sheep in addition to being a bed and breakfast.  This little shack is a place where the Sheep can seek shelter in the event of a sudden downpour or snow.  After a heavy Summer rain, the greens on the moss clinging to the roof glows with this wonderful green hue that makes this spot in the valley seem otherworldly.  

Camera: Calumet CC-401 4x5 large format monorail view camera

Lens: Rodenstock Geronar 150mm F6.3 lens in a Copal 0 shutter

Film: Arista EDU 100 Ultra 4x5 B&W sheet film which I shot at 64 ISO

Settings: Shot at F22, 4 second shutter speed. Metered with a Pentax 1 degree spot meter.   

Development: Self Developed film in Kodak Xtol 1:2 in Paterson Universal Tank using the Taco Method.  9 minutes @ 20 degrees Celsius.  Tap water stop bath.  Ilford Rapid Fixer.  Photo-Flo.  Hung on shower curtain to dry on film clips. . 

Scanning: Negative scanned with Epson V600.