The wobbly corn crib

An old corn crib sits on stilts of questionable support along Summer Valley Road/Route 895 in Orwigsburg Pennsylvania, a rural section of Schuylkill County. 

Camera: Bronica SQ-A 6x6 medium format film camera with a Bronica Zenzanon 80mm lens.  B+W brand medium orange filter to help with contrast.    

Film: Kodak TMax 400 120. ISO 400 B&W Film.  

Development: Self Developed film in Kodak Xtol 1:2 in Paterson Universal Tank.  12 1/2 minutes @ 20 degrees Celsius.  Tap water stop bath.  Ilford Rapid Fixer.  Photo-Flo.  Hung on shower curtain to dry on film clips.

Scanning: Negative scanned with Epson V600.