It all starts with a pinecone

Kalmbach Memorial Park in Macungie, Pennsylvania offers this wooded pine area as one of its beautiful features.  When I drive by these woods each morning on the way to work the rising sun shines in on an angle casting long shadows and the greens just dance in your eyes as you try to take it all in.  I shot this with my iPhone just to use it as a reference photo for a later trip where I would then re-shoot it with the 4x5 large format view camera and both the Holga 120 Pan and Holga 120 WPC Pinhole but I liked this one so much, I thought I would post it. 

Camera: iPhone 4S

App: Jagr 645 Pro MK II using the options for 6x17 film back and Velvia 50 film emulation. 

Post processed in CS5 to bring the highlights down a bit via levels.