8th Pennsylvania Cavalry Monument

First, a little rant... Sometimes I really wonder how some people manage to function in their day to day lives without a brain.  I spent about fifteen minutes setting up this shot with the 4x5 view camera.  I had all my focus just right, I had selected and screwed on an appropriate filter, I had metered, calculated and set my exposure, I had inserted a film holder, cocked the shutter and pulled the dark slide when a tourist walks up and leans against the base of the statue facing me and lights a cigarette.  The last time I checked I was not invisible.  My view camera and tripod are certainly not invisible.  He asks me "are you trying to take a picture ?".  I wonder what tipped him off ?  Idiots.  

The 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry was made up of soldiers from the Philadelphia Bucks, Lycoming and Luzerne County areas and participated in 135 battles and skirmishes during the Civil War. The monument includes a tree stump which aids in supporting the weight of the horse and rider and is the only equestrian monument on the battlefield with a horse that is both freestanding and made of stone instead of metal.  Located behind the Pennsylvania Monument on the Gettysburg Battlefield National Historic Site. 
Camera: Calumet 45NX 4x5 large format monorail view camera. 
Lens: Fujinon-W 210 F5.6 lens in a Copal B shutter. Tiffen Red 25 filter on lens to highlight some of the drama to the sky.  
Exposure: 1/4 @ F32 with film rated at EI 64.
Film: Arista EDU 100 Ulta B&W 100 ISO Negative Film.
Development: Self Developed film in Kodak Xtol 1+2 in Paterson Universal Tank. 9 minutes @ 20 degrees Celsius. Tap water stop bath. Ilford Rapid Fixer. Photo-Flo. Hung on shower curtain to dry on film clips.  
Scanning: Negative scanned with Epson V600 in two scans and merged back together in PhotoShop since the V600 doesn't natively support 4x5 scans in one pass.