Wayside Gospel Chapel

The Wayside Bible Chapel was built in 1973 and still holds weekly services on Sundays.  The church is located on the corner of Promised Land Road and Roemerville Road in Greentown, Pennsylvania. 

I really should have gone back to the car and got out the 4x5 view camera for this one.  That would have allowed me to do some perspective correction on the vertical lines of the chapel and got rid of that keystoning.  Live and learn.  

Camera: Bronica SQ-A medium format film camera with a Bronica Zenzanon 50mm lens.

Film: Fuji Pro400H 400 ISO color negative film.

Development: Self Developed film using Tetenal C41 color development press kit in a Paterson Universal Tank.

Scanning: Negative scanned with Epson V600.