And so it begins. Again.

Shooting started today for my Large Format Film 365 project for 2014.  The premise of the project is that I shoot a slice of 4x5 sheet film a day with my Large Format film camera and at the end of the week I self-develop the film at home.  The following week I will be posting one image a day taken during the previous week.  Unlike my 365 Toys project at the start of 2013, by not limiting the subject in the 365 project for 2014, I hope to have it maintain enough creative steam to last the entire year.  Thanks to Mat Marrash from the Film Photography Podcast ( for the inspiration that came from his 8x10 X-Ray film sheet a day project.  In my project, I'll be shooting a combination of traditional black and white films like Ilford Delta 100 and HP5+, Arista EDU 100 & 400 Ultra and Fuji HRT-30 green latitude X-Ray film as well as Kodak Ektar and Portra Color films.  Shots will be a collection of landscapes, natural light portraits, still lifes and studio shots shot with strobes. 

The output of the project will be able to be viewed on Flickr ( and my own web site (

Here's a setup shot from day 1 taken with the iPhone.