Day 43 of 365 - "Toys. When you're not looking" project

>Gotham is safe tonight. 
Special thanks to my Wife, Denise for helping out on this one by ever so gently blowing on Batman's cape to get it to fling backwards during the shot.   Image created with the Nikon D7000 and Nikon 35mm F1.8G prime lens.  Manual exposure mode, F8, 1/60th second shutter speed, ISO 200, spot metering.  Camera was tripod mounted and shutter triggered with Nikon infrared remote.  

Main Light:
Nikon SB900 speedlight in manual mode @ 1/4 power with the flash head zoomed to 24mm.  Stofen diffuser on the flash with the flash shot through a Westcott 34" white satin shoot through umbrella which was flown out over the left side of Batman on an Avenger C-Stand with boom arm. Flash triggered with PocketWizard Plus II radio transceiver on flash and camera.

Blue rim Light:
Nikon SB900 speedlight in manual mode # 1/32 power with flash head zoomed to 105mm.  Rogue grid with CTB (Color temperature blue) flash gel was placed over the flash head to create the blue rim light on the front of Batman and the inside of his cape.  Flash was on a light stand and placed to camera right and about five feet behind Batman. 

Rim light for cape:
Yongnuo YN560 Mark II speedlight in manual mode @ 1/64 power with flash head zoomed to 105mm.  HONL Speed Grid placed over flash head to concentrate and aim the light onto the back of Batman's cape as it blew in the wind.  Flash in a Manfrotto Justin Clamp that was clamped to the edge of the table.

In 2013, I'm doing a 365 shot a day project with the theme "Toys. When you're not looking". The idea is to capture familiar toys dealing with the situations and challenges that life throws at them in the real world, just like a human would.  You can follow the progress of the project on