Couples photography session

Chuck Brown and his love, Miss Kitty, ended up hiring a professional photographer for a "couples portrait session" while at Lockridge Furnace Park on Sunday.  Because of the annual blooming of the Grape Hyacinth Flowers, the park was filled with these kinds of photographers.  Most were trying desperately to get kids with names like "Conner" and "Blake Andrew" and "Bethany" to look towards the camera and give a totally made up smile that will look good on the annual postcard to Grandma. 

Nikon D7000 with a Nikon 28-70mm F2.8 AFS lens @ 35mm.  Aperture priority mode, F11, ISO 100, spot metering.  Hand held.  30" silver reflector held to camera right to bounce some light back onto the front of the "photographer".