A windy day at Ventnor Pier

A side view of the Ventnor City Fishing Pier just off of South Cambridge Street in Ventnor City, NJ, located about two miles south of Atlantic City.  It's one of two remaining fishing piers in the Ventnor City area.  The other pier is located between South Exeter and South Essex Avenues.  While the low, moving, stormy clouds made for a dramatic sky, the 28 mph winds made for a less than sharp photo as the tripod was shaking ever so slightly during the exposure.   

Shot with the Nikon D7000 with a Sigma 10-20mm lens @ 15mm with a B+W brand ND110 10 stop neutral density filter to allow a long exposure during the day.  Manual (bulb) exposure mode, F14, 13 second exposure time, ISO 100, matrix metering.  Camera was tripod mounted and shutter triggered with Nikon infrared remote.