Hayfield Farm - Broken window

Hayfield Farm in Lehman Township, Luzerne County not far from Dallas, Pennsylvania was the country farm estate of John Nesbitt Conyngham and his wife. In 1910 John bought 550 acres that he would operate as a fully functioning and self sustaining farm. It was here that he would raise his prize-winning Clydesdale horses and all manner of livestock as well including Highland cattle, Chester White pigs, sheep, buffalo and Sardinain donkeys. In addition to the livestock, which John would show in competition, the farm produced traditional fruits and vegetables as well as a healthy crop of corn and lot of hay, thus the name "Hayfield Farm".   In 1968 the Conyngham family deeded over the entire farm estate to Penn State.  Today "Hayfield Farm" serves as Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences though much of the actual barn and outbuildings complex stands abandoned and dilapidated.

Bronica SQ-A 6x6 medium format film camera with a Bronica Zenzanon 50mm lens.  Tiffen medium yellow filter to help with contrast.    
Kodak TMax 100, 100 ISO B&W Film.  
Self Developed film in Rodinal 1:100 using semi-stand development in three reel Paterson Tank.  Tap water stop bath.  Ilford Rapid Fixer.  Photo-Flo.  
Negative scanned with Epson V600.