2015 projects

With the successful completion of 2014's 4x5 for 365 project, I now turn my attentions to several self-published book projects for 2015.  My working titles and a loose description of each follow below, all subject to change.  These are to be photo books with light narrative passages in which I will utilize both film and digital capture, to achieve the desired output.  It's an ambitious set of projects but several of them are meant to be ongoing projects that might take several years to complete but work will commence on each of them in 2015.

Portals - A collection of windows and doors symbolizing the opportunity for, but not necessarily the actuality of, movement from one place to another.

Flea Circus - Documenting the people, places and merchandise of flea markets.  I've been scouting locations and making mental notes and observations for this project over several years.

Kept and abandoned, The Antiquities of John Q. Public - Images of antiques, found items and abandoned bits and pieces of Americana.  I aim to document what it is that people fight so hard to get, value so intensely for a period of time then so quickly abandoned when something shinier comes along. when things are deemed "used up" or when styles, trends or priorities shift.

Soft Notions in a Hard World - A collection of abstract images created in a soft, dreamy style.  Darkroom prints utilizing creative techniques will help to achieve the  unique, portraitist look intended for these images.