B&J 5x7 refinishing (before and after)

I got my Burke And James 5x7 large format view camera back together again after spending the better part of a week stripping off the awful factory issue grey/green(ish) paint (left image), sanding it all down and staining the wood a dark walnut (right image).  I still need to do some touch up work in spots and I want to carefully paint the inside of the rear standard black since I wasn't able to strip the old paint out of that area without the possibility of damaging the bellows. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results.  On the rare occasion that I use tools and it doesn't end in an emergency room visit, I tend to breath a sigh of relief.

The reconditioning job on My Bausch and Lomb 15" brass triplet lens from 1916 is almost done.  I still need to buff the nickel plated area of the barrel and mount the lens to a lens board but that will make a nice addition to the 5x7 as a portrait lens once it's complete.