Tracks in the snow

There are several feral cats that roam our neighborhood and apparently one of them was checking out the snow and ice on our backyard pond as evidenced by a ring of tracks.  I think they were headed to the waterfall area where the ice is open and they could get a drink of water.

Technical details:
Burke and James 5x7" large format field camera with 4x5 reducing back.
300 mm Commercial-Astragon f6.3 Lens in Copal 3 shutter.
Ilford FP4+ B&W film, shot at ISO 125.
Exposure was 1/8 seconds at F32.
Developed in Adox Rodinal 1:50 dilution for 12 minutes @ 20 degrees Celsius using a Beseler 8x10 print drum placed on Unicolor Uniroller 352 auto-reversing rotary base.
4x5" negative scanned with Epson V600.
Cropped to desired size in post.