Chained to history

My Wife and I made an unplanned side trip last Saturday to the Thomas Edison National Historic Park in Orange, New Jersey.  They don't allow tripods of any kind at the museum so I had to improvise and make all my images on the inside of the building using my iPhone 5S and Procamera app. For shots from the outside of the building and along the museum grounds I used my Fed-1g 35mm rangefinder.

This is the second floor machine shop.  The second and third floors were a treasure trove of historical industrial engineering subjects.  I only wish I could have used a medium or large format camera with a sturdy tripod up there to capture it properly but they only allow hand held photography.  I still like the results I got here.  I do want to return soon since we arrived late in the day and only had an hour and a half to wander around before they closed for the day.