Parking lot shadow play

I'm trying to make a concerted effort in 2015 to create images when they are presented and not just when I have my best gear with me.  I recently listened to the 200th episode of the Candid Frame Podcast where the guest was Dan Winters, renowned portrait and editorial photographer.  Dan spoke very highly of his new found love for shooting with his iPhone and the Hipstamatic app to create images in situations where a normal camera might be seen as overkill or inappropriate.  He made it sound so liberating and while I have certainly made images with my iPhone in the past, I had always viewed them as second class citizens in my bodies of work. So I started with a fresh copy of Hipstamatic and several film and lens packs loaded.  I wanted to see how liberating or limiting it ended up being and without a doubt I found it extremely liberating.  I was able to shoot when I saw a shot to be taken and not worry about if the quality, ISO performance or sharpness was good enough and instead was able to concentrate on composition and subject matter selection alone. 

This is a shot of tree shadows that stretched out over our parking lot at work.  I spotted it on the way into work, reached for the phone and using Hipstamatic, composed this shot.  A very liberating start indeed.