12 Monkeys filming location in prison

This hallway within Eastern State Penitentiary was one of the filming locations for several key scenes in Terry Gilliam's 1995 movie "12 Monkeys" staring Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis.  Areas of the prison were used for several locations in the movie that were set in a mental institution.  In particular, this hallway is where the characters played by Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis first meet in the institution and where the patients are sitting at tables playing board games and watching cartoons on television.   The prison, located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, was built in 1829 and closed in 1971.  

You can get a feel for what the prison is like for visitors today by watching this video walkthrough of some of the prison cell blocks filmed by Chris Butler.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXAS9oiQ6BM  ESP is an amazing opportunity for photographers who love to shoot authentic, old locations with a ton of history and items with lots of texture and elements of rust and decay.  

Technical details:
Sakai Toyo 5x7" large format metal field camera with 4x5" film back.
150mm Caltar-S II F 5.6 lens in Copal BT shutter.
Ilford Delta 100 film shot at ISO 100.
Exposure was 1 minute 30 seconds at F32 including reciprocity compensations.
Developed in Ilford DD-X 1+4 dilution for 10 minutes @ 20 degrees Celsius using a Beseler 8x10 print drum placed on Unicolor Uniroller 352 auto-reversing rotary base.  
4x5" negative scanned with Epson V600.