Guardians of the bay

Birds sit atop abandoned and derelict pier posts and sea break walls that line the shore along Port Mahon Road in Port Mahon, Delaware.   There was a pretty stiff wind blowing this day and the bellows on the camera were acting like a sail so this certainly didn't turn out as sharp as I would have liked. 

Technical details:
1947 Pacemaker Speed Graphic 4x5 large format film camera. 
15" (380mm) Wollensak/Graflex Tele-Optar lens used with focal plane shutter of Speed Graphic. 
Arista EDU Ultra 200 B&W film, shot at ISO 160.
1/30th second at F32.
Developed in Adox Rodinal 1:50 dilution for 6 minutes @ 20 degrees Celsius in Jobo Multitank 5 with 2509N sheet film reels with drum placed on Unicolor Uniroller 352 auto-reversing rotary base. 
4x5" negative scanned with Epson V600.
Negative cropped to desired size in post.