Wife's birthday flowers

Last month I purchased 300 sheets of 5x7" Thermo Scientific CL-Xposure blue base X-Ray Film (mystery film) on eBay for a total of $30 and Monday was the day to test some out.  My Wife's birthday was on Friday and she received these flowers from a family member so I decided to test out the film with the flowers and my Burke and James 5x7.  There were several goals I had in mind for this test including making sure the film was good, figuring out what the film's ISO was, trying out development of X-Ray film using glass lined trays under red safelight instead of my usual daylight tank processing and finally to try developing X-Ray film with Pyrocat HD instead of my usual Rodinal.  I think I succeeded on all counts.  I'm a happy camper with 299 more sheets of 5x7 to shoot. 

Technical details:
Burke and James 5x7 large format film camera. 
210mm Komura Commercial F6.3 lens in Copal 1 shutter.
5x7" Thermo Scientific CL-Xposure blue base X-Ray Film rated at 100 ISO.
2 seconds at F32.
Lighting via two large fluorescent bulbs placed camera left and white bounce card camera right. 
Developed in Pyrocat HD 1:1:100 @ 20 degrees Celsius in trays using development by inspection under red safelight. Development time about 5 minutes.  
5x7" negative scanned with Epson V600 in three passes and merged together in Photoshop using Photomerge function.