Andrew and the tree

When I got out of the car at the Manassas battlefield I was immediately drawn to all the character this tree had.  Once I walked around it I decided to try and get the statue of Andrew "Stonewall" Jackson in the distance and the monument on the opposite side all into the composition.  Despite the drizzling, foggy day I wasn't about to let the 4 1/2 hour drive go to waste, bad light or not.  

Technical details:
Toko 4x5 wooden large format field camera.  
150mm F6.3 Rodenstock Geronar lens in Copal BT shutter. 
Arista EDU Ultra 400 (re-branded Fomapan) B&W 400 ISO film shot at ISO 400. 
1/4th second at F45. 
Developed in Pyrocat HD at 1:1:100 dilution for 11 minutes @ 20 degrees Celsius in Jobo Multitank 5 with 2509N sheet film reels with drum placed on Unicolor Uniroller 352 auto-reversing rotary base. 
4x5" Negative scanned with Epson 4990 on holders with ANR glass.