Guns at Fort Delaware

8-inch Columbiad guns sit in their casements at Fort Delaware.  Located on Pea Patch Island in the Delaware River.   The fort was a harbor defense stronghold for the Union forces during the Civil War and acted primarily as a prison for captured Confederate soldiers who were housed in separate quarters on the island.  The structure was designed by chief engineer Joseph Gilbert Totten and opened in 1848.  Today the fort is open for self-guided tours and exploring and accessible from the Delaware City side of the river by a ferry service. 

Technical Details:
Nikon F4S 35mm film camera.  Nikon 35-105mm F3.5-4.5 AIS lens.
Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO B&W film shot at ISO 800.
F11 in aperture priority mode.  
Developed in Diafine for 4 minutes (part A) and 4 minutes (part B) @ 20 degrees Celsius in Paterson 3 reel tank.  5 seconds initial agitation with swizzle stick followed by 5 seconds of additional agitation ever minute thereafter. 
Negative scanned with Epson 4990 on holders with ANR glass.