Howell Farm

The Howell Living History Farm in Lambertville New Jersey.  This 225 acre farm was first created by Joseph Phillips, a blacksmith, in 1732. The last private family to own and operate the farm was the Howell Family who donated the land to Mercer County in 1974 for use as a museum.  

The museum now demonstrates farm life as it would have been in the year 1900 though most of the buildings date to well before the Civil War.  The Mercer County Park Commission runs the farm with help from the Friends of Howell Living History Farm organization.  It is free to visit and demonstrations of farm chores and life around a farm can be viewed. It's a great place to go and explore and take your kids.  

Technical Details:
Nikon F4S 35mm film camera.  Nikon 35-105mm F3.5-4.5 AIS lens.
Ilford Delta 100 35mm film shot at ISO 100. 
Developed in Diafine for 4 minutes (part A) and 4 minutes (part B) @ 20 degrees Celsius in Paterson 3 reel tank.  5 seconds initial agitation with swizzle stick followed by 5 seconds of additional agitation every minute thereafter. 
Negative scanned with Epson 4990 on holders with ANR glass.