A happy Chatbooks customer

I've wanted to have something I could keep in my camera bag that would be a small, printed representation of my work that I could show someone if they questioned why I was taking photos of something.  I've always felt having something printed in the form of a book at least provides the perception of legitimacy in a world where "everyone is a photographer".   
So I've been looking around for something that had good printing, printed hardcover with a cover image and was small enough for a camera bag while still being relatively cheap.  Blurb is who I am using for my self-published books that all my work is ultimately targeted for but blurb can get pretty expensive when all you really want is a small, durable book for your camera bag.  Last week I tried Chatbooks (chatbooks.com) and using their custom book option I printed a 100 image hardcover photo book based upon selections made from my Instagram feed.  The book is 6x6" and the photos came printed as 4x4", centered with a white mat on each page.  I chose to leave off captions, dates, etc.   
I was a little skeptical about how the printing quality was going to be since my work is almost 100% large and medium format black and white.  The resulting print quality in this delivered book is superb for the price point.  The paper quality is better than expected.  In each image shadow detail is retained, highlights were fine.  There wasn't a single disappointment in any of the printing at all.  With 100 images, hardcover and shipping it cost $23 and I have something that I can keep in my camera bag and show anyone questioning my work.  Happy customer, mission accomplished.  Highly recommended if you are facing the same task.