George Rose Farm. Gettysburg Battlefield.

A look at the ruins of the barn on the George Rose Farm on the Gettysburg Battlefield.  The Rose Farm was at the center of some of the fiercest fighting on the second day of the Civil War battle at gettysburg with up to 20,000 engaged in battle across the farm's twenty acres. The barn was built in 1812 and stood up to the fighting in 1863 only to be burned to the ground by a lightning strike in 1910. 

Technical Details:
Horizon Perfekt 35mm swing lens panoramic film camera. 
Kodak Tri-X 400 film shot at ISO 400.
Semi-stand development using Kodak HC-110 1+100 dilution for 1 hour with 30 seconds initial agitation with swizzle stick and three turns @ 30 minute mark.  Paterson 3 reel tank.  
Negative scanned with Epson 4990 on holders fitted with ANR glass.