4x5 for 365 project (67/365)

Reading Railroad diesel locomotive 902 was one of the first six FP7s ordered by the railroad in March 1950 to replace passenger steam locomotives. It and sister Reading 903 were completed on June 1 of that year and delivered to the Reading via the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The pair pulled their first train on June 6. In the following years, the two locomotives sometimes worked together, and sometimes were split, depending on the size of their trains.  Both 902 and 903 are currently on loan to the Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton Pennsylvania where this photo was taken. 

Camera: Calumet 45NX 4x5 large format monorail view camera. 

Lens: Schneider 90mm f/5.6 Super-Angulon lens in a Copal 0 shutter mounted on recessed lens board.  B+W brand Yellow filter on the lens to help with contrast.  I should have brought my bag bellows along on this trip.  You can see how the 90mm lens with a normal bellows was struggling with light falloff on the right side with the tint bit of swing movement I was doing. 

Film: Arista EDU 200 Ultra B&W Negative Film, shot at box speed. 

Exposure: 6 seconds @ F45. 

Development: Self Developed in Kodak Xtol 1+2 dilution in Paterson Universal Tank using the Taco Method. 12 minutes @ 20 degrees Celsius. Kodak indicator stop bath.  Ilford Rapid Fixer. Photo-Flo rinse.

Scanning: Negative scanned with Epson V600 in two scans and merged back together in PhotoShop since the V600 doesn't natively support 4x5 scans in one pass.